Terms & Conditions


Prior to membership admission

You are directed to the constitution and by-laws of the club which are available here and asked to read and consider the documents as they form the basis of the contract of membership between you and the club and the other members of the club.

You are advised that the club holds the following insurances through its membership of QWALC.

  • Public liability $30m
  • Voluntary Workers $100,000 death and capital benefits with a weekly benefit of $500 per week for 104 weeks.
  • Protector/Association Liability – Includes Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers
  • Liability, Statutory Liability, Employment Practice Liability (i). $10m Limit of Liability – any one claim (ii). $20m in the aggregate.


Annual membership fees are;

  • For an individual $25.00.
  • Where more than one member resides at the same residential address then for each member an amount equal to 80% of the fee for an individual.

The Club’s financial year ends 30 November.

The Club publishes a quarterly Newsletter which is available free in electronic format to every member. It is also available in printed form posted to your postal or residential address there is however an additional charge for this. Please indicate whether you wish to receive the Newsletter electronically or by post.

Upon admission, I agree to be bound by the Constitution of the club and to comply with the provisions of the by-laws as may be amended from time to time.

The Club encourages members to post natural history observations on iNaturalist, this is so for your personal observations and particularly so for observations made on Club excursions where the Club arranges for a Project to be created for each excursion. This Project provides a permanent repository by which we not only contribute to a valuable citizen science resource where members can view any observation made on any of our excursions.

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