The Queensland Naturalists’ Club Inc aims to study all branches of natural history, to encourage the preservation and protection of native flora and fauna and their environments. We also focus on publishing worthwhile observations on natural history and record club activities.

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The QNC has regular excursions, at least once a month, to areas of natural history interest, mainly in South East Queensland. Visitors are welcome on short excursions but all other events require an active membership status to attend.

These vary from half-day, day or weekend excurions. Each year we also organise a longer excursion (7-14 days) to places further afield. These long excursions have gone to Western and Northern Queensland, Islands on the Great Barrier Reef and even to Tasmania and Lord Howe Island. We have recently developed a Wildlife Survey Group which undertakes fauna and flora surveys.

QNC Club Meetings

Learn about natural history at our meetings with talks presented by specialists from the club or from various scientific institutions, and from members exhibits. Visitors are welcome.

When: Arrive at 7:15 pm for a 7:30 pm start on the third Monday of each month, February to November inclusive.

Where: We meet at the Toowong Uniting Church Hall.

This is located at 82 Sherwood Road, Toowong and is less than 200 metres from Toowong Village Shopping Centre, Toowong Railway Station & bus stops.

There is parking at 76 Sherwood Road for 12 cars. Street parking is available. Toowong Village parking is free provided you enter after 6pm.

Note that each meeting will commence with the presentation by the guest speaker. A light supper (hot beverages and biscuits) will be available after the meeting.


Email: president@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Mr Ron Carr
  • 2021 – Mr Ron Carr
  • 2020 – Mrs Sally Johnsen
  • 2019 – Mrs Sally Johnsen

Email: vicepresident@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Ms Colleen Foelz
  • 2021 –
  • 2020 – Mr Barry Jahnke
  • 2019 – Mr Barry Jahnke

Email: secretary@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Ms Judy Haines
  • 2021 – Ms Judy Haines
  • 2020 – Ms Judy Haines
  • 2019 – Ms Judy Haines

Email: treasurer@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Mr Mike Anderson
  • 2021 – Mr Mike Anderson
  • 2020 – Mr Mike Anderson
  • 2019 – Mr Mike Anderson

Email: journal@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Dr Peter Woodall
  • 2021 – Dr Peter Woodall
  • 2020 – Dr Peter Woodall
  • 2019 – Dr Peter Woodall

Email: news@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Dr Annette Neill
  • 2021 – Dr Annette Neill
  • 2020 – Ms May-Le Ng
  • 2019 – Ms May-Le Ng

Email: librarian@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Mrs Leith Woodal
  • 2021 – Mrs Leith Woodal
  • 2020 – Mrs Leith Woodal
  • 2019 – Mrs Leith Woodal
  • 2022 – Mr Barney Hines
  • 2021 – Mr Barney Hines
  • 2020 – Mr Barney Hines
  • 2019 – Mr Barney Hines
  • 2022 – Ms Brigid Williams
  • 2021 – Ms Brigid Williams
  • 2020 – Mr David Shaw
  • 2019 – Mr David Shaw
  • 2022 – Dr Dick Date, Mr James Hansen
  • 2021 – Dr Dick Date, Ms Colleen Foelz, Mr James Hansen
  • 2020 – Dr Dick Date, Ms Colleen Foelz, Mr James Hansen, Dr Annette Neill
  • 2019 – Dr Dick Date, Ms Desley Willgoss, Mr James Hansen, Ms Colleen Foelz

Email: web@qnc.org.au

  • 2022 – Mr Terry Johnsen
  • 2021 – Mr Terry Johnsen
  • 2020 – Mr Terry Johnsen

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The Queensland Natural History Award

The Queensland Natural History Award is presented annually by the Queensland Naturalists’ Club Inc. to give recognition to persons who have made outstanding contributions to natural history in Queensland. It has been awarded since 1992.

The award consists of a medallion featuring the Bunya Pine tree and is set in a polished block of Bunya Pine wood. The Bunya Pine Araucaria bidwillii is endemic to Queensland and is the symbol of the Club.

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