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Some Expressions of Interest have been received and now it is time for registrations and
firm bookings. A program of terrestrial and marine activities has been planned in the
Cassowary Coast Mission Beach area, with the input of the local group – Community for
Coastal and Cassowary Conservation (C4). 

Littoral forests where the rainforest meets the sea are part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, where species such as the Fan Palm and the vulnerable Arenga Palm attract the Ulysses Butterfly and Cassowaries. We will walk in the Licuala forest, the Lacy Creek and Tam O’Shanter areas of the Djiru National Park. The geology found at Garners Beach and along the historic Edward Kennedy Trail to the south is over 50 million years old. 

Three excursions into the marine habitats along the Cassowary Coast are planned.

We will be exploring both rocky and sandy habitats at low tide. Surveys at Ant Plant East Native Refuge will be conducted, including looking for insects, wetland species and Mahogany Gliders. It is hoped that members will take part in individual or group projects. 

We will be based at Wongalong Beach with some bush camping available at Ant Plant East. On the return home an optional 2 day journey will take us to Cape Hillsborough, where we will stop over for 2 more days for more marine
and national park investigations. The geology here is very young and interesting.

If you are a current member and interested in joining us please complete the form below. If you are not a current member but would like to join the club please sign up online here.

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