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Speaker: Steve Wilson
Topic: Hiding in Plain Site

Against an infinite natural backdrop of shapes, colours and textures, the opportunities for
animals to evade hungry predators is nearly limitless. Some are hiding in plain sight by
blending in with their surroundings. In extraordinary cases, they actually mimic the
objects around them. Predators respond by evolving sharper eyesight to penetrate the
disguises. Wildlife photographer Steve Wilson will share his observations on this ‘arms
race’ between predator and prey.

Biography: Steve K. Wilson is an Australian wildlife photographer and herpetologist living
in Brisbane, Queensland. He worked for 38 years as an information officer with the
Queensland Museum, educating the public, identifying the specimens people bring in, and
urging biological conservation. In 2000 he was named “Photographer of the Year” by
Australian Geographic Magazine. He has written and co-authored 13 reptile books, ranging
from natural history and identification guides to a children’s book. Steve is also fauna
consultant and a nature guide, providing specialised tours for visiting herpetologists.


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