Excursion Report Kwiambal National Park held 2-6 April 2024

Barney notes: “For those of us who have spent years looking for the elusive spotted-tailed quoll, having one walk into the campfire and enjoy the crumbs of Delma and Tom’s damper, this must surely be a big highlight of the trip. 

Other items of note included walking through spectacular scenery and enjoying swimming in the river. On the Tuesday, those who arrived early enjoyed a walk between the two campsites. 

On the Wednesday, we walked to the junction for those who were keen, or the shorter circuit to the Dungeon for those less able. 

Thursday saw the rain arrive and we had a limited outing to Macquarie Falls before we gladly took shelter in front of the slow combustion stove back at the cottage. 

It was the most important person in the world’s birthday, and we all enjoyed excellent chocolate cake, thanks to Ruth, and a wonderful concert put on by Judy, Kayla and Nina. The prospect of big rains over several days saw many packup and leave, including yours truly. But I think most of us enjoyed the outing just for the quoll, and of course the people it kept company.” For the full QNC iNaturalist Kwiambul NP Project please click here: https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/projects/qnc-2024-apr-kwiambal-national-park

Barney Hines led this long week-end camp to Kwiambul NSW National Park where the Severn and Macintyre Rivers converge below Macintyre Falls. Four QNC ladies camped in the house and remaining members camped beside the river. About a dozen members enjoyed the variety of habitats within the Park and the lovely flowing river waters to cool off in.

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