Excursion Report – Long Excursion to Cudmore National Park, held 11 to 16 Sept ’23

After Bimblebox, eight QNC members restocked in Alpha and then headed off to Cudmore National Park for 5 nights. A full report will be produced for The Queensland Naturalist Journal.
Participant and Excursion Officer Cathie Duffy writes:
Cudmore National Park is a little known protected area 100 km north of Alpha, QLD in the Desert Uplands Bioregion. All stock had long ago been removed from
the former agricultural property, bought twenty years ago by the state government for its unique natural features. 

We stayed for 6 days documenting flora, fauna and some geology. Unfortunately the ranger could not join us but will be interested in our report.

In perfect weather we set out each morning in 4WDs to see what we could see – lunches packed, with binoculars and notebooks, or mobile phone apps at the ready. A ladder & long hook for high specimens was also carried as were chairs for our lunch and tea stops.

Overall, it was an immersive learning experience with  a variety of different habitats covering both flat and escarpment country.

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