Armstrong’s Frogs

During the QNC excursion to the Armstrong’s property near Boonah Gate over the Australia Day long weekend, January 2008, 16 species of frogs were recorded. Most of these were from the three dams in close proximity to the campsite. On two evenings participants donned head-torches and scoured these dams and 13 species were observed at close range. Two of the more spectacular species encountered were the vulnerable tusked frog Adelotus brevis with its boldly marbled belly, red groin and tusks (pseudo-teeth) and the red-backed broodfrog Pseudophryne coriacea also with a boldly marbled belly, but with a brick-red back and black sides. A particularly stunning red-backed broodfrog was located in a seepage area in tall open forest below the campsite (see the photo below).

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