Asian Geckos and Wasps in 2005/6

In December 2005 a new paper wasp nest of Polistes spp. was seen under an awning outside the house. Asian geckos showed interest. There were sufficient wasps on the nest to deter attacks. On one occasion two geckos were seen waiting near the nest.

The geckos get very close. A wasp’s wing was seen to brush a gecko’s nose but it did not move. On occasion a gecko will move rapidly from below the nest to a position 300 to 500 mm above the nest. After a few minutes the gecko will usually return. One may have been stung as it rapidly quit the scene.

They do capture them. This gecko appears to have been lucky and captured lunch

however a minute later it was in attack position.

As of May 2006 the nest is intact and active with about five wasps on it. No geckos have been in attendance since early April

In November 2006 there are no wasps and the nest is intact. A nearby,new, nest did not progress beyond about 10 cells.

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