Exhibits on Line

  Trombiculid Mite 25/02/2017 Bob Backhouse  
  Lepidozamia peroffskyana - cone formation 8/02/2016 David Shaw  
  Mallotus Harlequin Bugs 18/082015 Robert Backhouse  
  Spider Burrows 22/07/2015 Jill Don  
  Eucalyptus Weevil 2207/2015 Peter Woodall  
  Greenwood Scrub visit in 1886 05/052015 Richard Harding  
  Cactoblastis Life Cycle 19/04/2015 David Shaw  
  A good tabanid fly! 28/03/2015 Peter Woodall  
  The curious relationship between the cadaghi tree and native stingless bees 4/02/2015 Tim Heard  
  New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea - readings 11/04/2012 Jill Don  
   Blue Banded Bees 9/09/2010 Noreen & Ray Baxter  
   Pollination and Colour Effects 1/05/2009 David Shaw  
  Paper Wasp's Nest 25/04/2009 David Morwood  
  Armstrong's Frogs 1/05/2008 Harry Hines  
   Dragons and Damsels 9/02/2008 Dr Peter and Leith Woodall  
  Migrant Waders at Toorbul 4/11/2007 Dr Peter Woodall  
   A new species of Alona in Queensland 25/10/2006 Robert Constantine  
   Bracychitons and Baby Bottle Trees 23/10/2006 Brian Lowry  
   Further observations of wasps and Asian geckos in 2006 4/05/2006 David Shaw  
   Pyrrosia Ferns at Mt Matheson 5/10/2005 Dr Peter Woodall  
   Pacific Gulls in SE Queensland 18/07/2005 Robyn Black  
   Interaction of Asian House Geckos with Paper Wasps Polistes spp 8/08/2004 David Shaw  
   Petrie Mill Microfauna. Various aspects of the fauna at the Amcor factory 30/08/2002 Robert Constantine